Q: What is Latex?


A: It is the milk from the small tropical tree Heavea Braziliensis found in Thailand.
It is harvested by tapping this tree, and is a sustainable and renewable resource. No chemicals are needed to stabilise the rubber, and the intrinsic color is also retained.



Q: Do you have different sizes for your Unitex latex pillow?


A: We do. Two in fact. Low profile and Medium profile. Unitex Low is more for the female frame, and Medium for the male and side sleepers, and for those who generally prefer a higher pillow.



Q: How is latex different from memory or viscoelastic foam?


A: Latex foam is proven to provide 31% more pressure relief and contouring support than memory foam. And it responds instantly to your unique body contours—without waiting for body heat. Latex is made from a rubber-based product versus memory or viscoelastic foam, which is derived from plastics.

Q: Is Unitex latex pillow contoured?


A: Yes, one side is slightly higher than the other to best give you the option of using the side to suit your comfort. The contour allows your neck and head to be evenly supported, thus encouraging the natural alignment of your spine during sleep.



Q: How long to become adjusted to sleeping on contoured pillow?


A: First night, however the sleeper has gotten used to sleeping in an incorrect position. This should correct itself within a week or two, allowing your body to rest properly.



Q: Can latex topper work with traditional innerspring mattresses? 


A: Latex comfort layers can be found in many high quality innerspring mattresses. Adding Unitex lates topper can improve the pressure relieving qualities and durability of virtually any mattress. Many mattress retailers will have “mini-mattress” cutaways that allow you to see exactly what is inside the mattress.

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Returns & Refunds


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